Since the establishment of Izziban in 2007, the Lee power couple has set their goal to providing the growing Orlando community with the culinary diversity the city has never seen before. Introducing Korea's only way to enjoy a staple family meal: "All-You-Can-Eat" Korean BBQ! Offering both marinated and non-marinated selections of meat, all steeped and cut in-house, it includes unlimited sushi, a variety of appetizers and a salad bar. Emphasizing "banchan" meaning "side dishes" in Korean, Izziban provides the most flexible meal that everyone could enjoy. Since opening their first Izziban location on Sand Lake, the  legacy has expanded into the further reaches of Orlando. 

The Izziban "lakeside" location on East Colonial became the definition of Izziban. Opening its doors in 2015 the lakeside location demonstrated the true experience of Korean BBQ, allowing for a more social and engaging dinner experience. 

Welcoming large groups, we have plenty of room for all friends and family to enjoy, and the experience also includes a self-serving salad bar and a continuously improving seafood bar. Aside from the unlimited experience, the menu further extends to selections of Japanese-Korean fusion dishes. 

While each location has its own distinct appeal and personality apart from the others, all locations offer affordable lunch specials, unbelievable happy hour deals, and a full bar. 


*The All-You-Can-Eat menu and inclusive selections may differ by location and price options. The buffet selections may change seasonally and will only be included as a portion of the All-You-Can-Eat BBQ purchase*

East Colonial



Mon - Sun 12pm-12am

*Last Call

Kitchen & Sushi 11:30pm

BBQ Last Seating 11:00pm


Happy Hours


BAR ONLY 5pm - Close


5310 E. Colonial Dr. 

Orlando, FL 32807


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Sand Lake



Sun - Thur 11:30am - 10pm

*Last Call

Kitchen & Sushi 9:30pm

BBQ Last Seating 9pm

Fri, Sat 11:30am - 11pm

*Last Call

Kitchen & Sushi 10:30pm

BBQ Last Seating 10pm


Happy Hours


11:30am - 12:30pm


5pm - 7pm



Sun - Thur 9PM~10:30PM

Fri, Sat 9PM~11:30PM

Lunch Special

11:30am - 3pm


1700 Sand Lake Rd 

Orlando, FL 32809


Metro West



Mon - Sun 12pm-11pm

*Last Call

Kitchen & Sushi 10:45pm

BBQ Last Seating 10pm


Happy Hours

DINNER 5pm - 7pm


6996 Piazza Grande Ave #100 

Orlando, FL 32835


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